Friday, June 6, 2008

Weekly Wrap-Up

Here's what this week has looked like thus far:

Monday- Rest day after last weekend's rough riding; enjoyed strolling around Home Depot & Lowes looking for yard/garden toys

Tuesday- 45 min swim workout w/ some longer sets in which I worked on building speed, followed by a 45 min steady-paced bike ride

Wednesday- 3 mile run and pushups, situps, and pullups in the morning; 20 min open water swim (to the island and back) in Foy's Lake (it's getting easier and less scary every time!)

Thursday- 1 hour Iyengar yoga class in the morning; brick workout in afternoon (after a short warm-up ride and jog, we began: ride a very hilly 3 mi loop, then hop off your bike and run a 1/2 mile; then hop on your bike again, then run... rinse and repeat for 60 minutes at race pace.
(holy camoly, what a workout. my heart rate was UP... averaged 173 (~83% MHR) for 60 minutes, with a peak of 190 (93% MHR). I was one tired puppy after that. But it was good-- I felt strong and tough, and ready to rock next weekend's race)

Friday- 1 hour Power Pump class this morning. Workout went like this:
~10 min step aerobics to warm up
1 lap (200 m) of walking lunges on the track with two 5-lb weights
2 min wall-sit
first set (x3): 16 pushups, 16 rear delt flys, and 32 one-legged deadlifts (16 per leg)
second set (x3): 16 tricep extensions from a plank position, 16 bicep curls paired with a plie squat, 16 knee crunches from a plank position, and hold a side plank for 30 seconds
finally finished up with about 8 minutes of crunches, oblique crunches, and leg extensions
(whewee, my legs were doing the Elvis-shake thing after that workout!)

What does the rest of the weekend hold in store? More fun torture ;) I'm hoping to get in a 20-30 minute easy swim this afternoon, then a 9 mile run tomorrow, and a 16-20 mile bike on Sunday. Then it's TAPER TIME next week-- a few short, low-intensity sessions, but basically resting up and staying loose for the race on Sunday

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Dave said...

Thanks for the CDs!!! I still owe you a good recipe or a swim workout so keep your eyes out.

Best of luck this weekend. We'll be thinking about you.