Friday, January 4, 2008

62 Random-but-True Facts About Me

  1. I'm 5'1.5"
  2. my boyfriend (Jim) teases me that only short people care about 1/2 inches(he's 6'1")
  3. watching animals nearly always make smile/giggle
  4. my horse's name is "Monster"
  5. I used to be a vegetarian, but now I hunt big game and work on a cattle ranch
  6. I'm originally from western NC
  7. I decided to move to Montana while drinking a beer with my best friend Robyn our senior year of college
  8. I have no desire to live anywhere else
  9. I was a "band geek" in high school (clarinet)
  10. I was never much of an athlete
  11. I hardly ever exercised in high school, and rarely in college
  12. I once pitched so terribly in a softball game that I actually threw the ball BEHIND me
  13. I've backpacked over nearly all of Glacier National Park
  14. I think toads are cute
  15. I have a scar from where a wild lynx bit me
  16. I have lots of other scars, too, from various (mis)adventures
  17. I love getting letters in the mail
  18. my favorite tv show is The Biggest Loser
  19. my tv has a 4" screen, a broken antenna, and is in black-and-white; I don't watch it much
  20. I ran my first full mile when I was 28 years old
  21. I ran my first half marathon a little over a year later
  22. I swam my first 100 yards a few weeks after that
  23. I signed up for my first triathlon just after turning 30
  24. my default beer is Bud Light in a bottle
  25. my favorite color is green... most days
  26. laughing is one of the best feelings in the world
  27. I love folks who are witty
  28. I have a Master's Degree... In Science!
  29. My brother and I used to love listening to Dr Science on NPR on our way to school
  30. my job title is "wildlife biologist," but somehow I spend most days at a computer
  31. I've always been overweight or chubby-- as long as I can remember
  32. I've learned that the mind is nearly always stronger than the body
  33. I wouldn't mind my body being a little stronger, though!
  34. pushing myself physically and mentally is fun... to an extent
  35. I love to eat
  36. I struggle greatly with eating-- especially portion control
  37. if I could travel to anywhere in the world it would be to Nepal or Mongolia
  38. my dad reads my blog rather religiously
  39. my mom doesn't have a computer, so I sometimes print off posts and mail them to her
  40. I hate sand... but I love seafood
  41. I lose my wallet several times a year
  42. I love telling stories... especially with Jim
  43. I call my pillow-top queen-sized bed my "Princess Bed"
  44. Jim argues it's the "Prince Bed"
  45. I've always been really motivated to challenge myself and succeed at my goals
  46. I have little tolerance for those who aren't motivated
  47. thin, pretty girls still intimidate me
  48. my dream job these days is to be a stay-at-home mom
  49. that's so not going to happen
  50. I rarely stay awake for a full movie
  51. my friends have lots of nicknames for me (Curls, Chuck, MightyMidget, Montucky, etc)
  52. I love being called nicknames
  53. most of my best friends live far away
  54. I wear jeans and t-shirts and don't wear makeup to work
  55. sometimes I don't even brush my hair
  56. I always set the alarm for earlier than I have to get up
  57. artificial smells really bother me (e.g. perfume, air fresheners, new shower curtains)
  58. I can bake bread from scratch in a wood-fired stove
  59. I worked 2 seasons as a cook in back-country hunting camps
  60. I like to plant vegetable gardens
  61. but hate to weed
  62. I love taking quizzes in emails and magazines

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Robyn said...

Sounds like a great week! Look at that weight change. Way to go gal!