Thursday, June 26, 2008


Had a great solo bike ride yesterday afternoon. Trying to do some speed intervals mixed with some hills, so it was a tough workout. But I had a blast with it. I kept harkening back to Bolder’s story and imagining I was the jungle cat and It was ON.

I didn't have anyone to race, but imagined there was someone creeping up on me and I was pulling away from them. It worked-- I really cranked up a few hills.

Then I nearly crashed coming back down. But saved it. So no gory story to tell... whew!

I'm having a very good feeling week. I've felt stronger and fitter in my workouts than I have in several weeks (including the week of my race... in fact, I rode waaay better-- meaner, tougher, more aggressive-- yesterday than I did a few weekends ago). My swim on Tuesday kicked butt-- I rocked out 2050 yards in less than an hour and noticed improvements in my strokes-per-length. And this morning my run felt much better and smoother than it has in a while. I was even starting to enjoy it by the time I had to stop :)

So, why such the great week? What's changed?

I'm going to blame my diet. Since I've been keeping my food journal, I've definitely thought twice about a few of the binge or junk-fest urges that have come up. I even "just said no" to grabbing a taco or a sno-cone at the outdoor concert I went to the other night! Basically, I've been getting full but not over-full. And I feel good.

I don't know if that's the only reason for my badass workout mode, but I'm going to tell myself it is. And I'll bookmark this post so that I can look back at it at times when I'm struggling.

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