Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Funky Track Workout

(I did these on a 1/8 mi indoor track, and stashed my 8 lb weights at the halfway point on both sides; modify to suit your needs/track configuration)

Jog 4 laps

Repeat Each Round 3 Times before moving on to the next round:

Round One:
One-legged jumps-- 12 per leg
Shuffle 1/4 lap
Sprint 1/4 lap
Squats with weights-- 1st set standard, then feet together, then plie-- 2 down/2 up for 8, then
3 down, 1 up for 8, then 8 singles

Round 2:
Kick-backs with Jump-- 16 of them (bend down and put hands in push-up position, jump feet
back into plank, jump feet back between hands, then jump up in the air... that's one)
Bear Crawl (similar to walking lunge, but with no pause between legs, and swing your opposite arm up and over with each step)
Power Skip 1/4 lap (big arms!)
Pushups-- 2 down/2 up for 8, then 8 singles

Round 3:
Ski-jumps-- 24 (start on left side of line on track, jump forward and across the line with both
feet, then back to the left-- that's one)
Jog the remaining 1/2 lap
Lunges with Weights-- 24 (2 down/2 up for 8, 3 down, 1 up for 8, 8 singles): do 24 on each leg for first set, then diagonal lunges one leg each for the next sets

Round 4:
Mountain Climbers-- 24 (start in plank position, jump right foot up into lunge, then switch legs-- that's one)
Grapevine for 1/4 lap
Walking lunges for 1/4 lap
Arms: Bicep curls, Tricep kickbacks, Military Presses (each set do 24 with the same cadence listed above for lunges)

Bonus round:
One lap around track with weights, doing 16 walking lunges, then walking 32 strides, and repeating until done

Walk 2 laps, stretch like a mofo

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Rose said...

Nice blog, Carly! I enjoyed it and will check in from time to time to see what else you've been up to. Your weekly workouts beat mine!