Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Moves

If you're looking for some new moves, Women's Health magazine offers several one-page 20-minute workout ideas-- nice to try after a run or spin class.

I tried the "Rock Solid Abs" workout this morning (after spinning for 50 min and running for 20). While not all of the moves were ones that I'll keep in my repertoire, a few were-- namely #3- the "arm pull over straight-leg crunch." That move is NO JOKE.

It's always nice to find new moves that really challenge your body, rather than sticking with the same old routine. Doing so will help you grow stronger and develop even more depth to that strength.

Similarly, confronting issues that make us uncomfortable will ultimately lead us to growing stronger as citizens and adding depth to our personalities. Thanks to those who've responded to my last post. I hope to address some more issues here in the future.

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