Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Little Consistency, Please

Dear Body,

Why can't we just have good workouts all the time? I mean, yesterday we were SO GOOD together. We hit the pool with a vengeance, and knocked out those 1600 yards like champs. We breathed well together, we did well keeping our strokes per length at the lowest we could do. We even stuck to the plan of doing a 500 yard with the odd 100's at hard effort. It was great-- the heart was pumping good blood around, the lungs were filling up quickly, the arms were strong, and the legs kept the hips up. It rocked. Then we hopped on the ol' bike and went for a good strong, steady ride. We even extended the ride from 30 to 45 minutes because you were willing to come along when my curiousity got to me. Good thing, too, because we discovered a cool new loop to ride. Ahh, you and me, we were really clicking.

So WTF was up this morning? I mean, all I was asking for was a nice steady-paced 3 mile run. At this point, that should be just about as easy as breathing. But noooo.... you had to go and rebel. I'd planned a port-a-potty stop at 1.5 miles. But you had to get all antsy and want to go before that, making for a pretty uncomfortable stretch between the 1.0 and 1.5 mile marks. But alas, I gave you your pit stop and thought we'd be all better. Wrong. You decided to grace the rest of the run with a nice sharp pain under the right rib. What was that all about? When was the last time we had to stop and take walk breaks on a 3 mile run?! When was the last time it took us 34 minutes to do 3 miles?

Please, dear body, tell me what I need to do to keep you happy. I love it when we get along well.


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