Monday, February 15, 2010

Closing Statements

'Scuse me for taking a short break :)

After injuring myself and not being able to do the marathon, I was just too bummed to write about the experience. I took several months off of running, in which I cycled, started doing a lot more strength training and PT, and got my leg healed up.

Then I started running again, starting slowly and working my way back into it. Within a month or so I was running a full 3 miles again, and in November I ran a 10k (the Huffing For Stuffing in Bozeman on Thanksgiving Day). I was feeling pretty good about running at that point, having fun with it, working a bit on speed and a lot on trail running.

And I was starting to dream of my next goals (a fast half marathon in July? the SnowJoke half marathon in February? more trail running, and perhaps eventually the Double Dip?) There were lots of options, and I just couldn't make up my mind.

And then Fate made it up for me. My next goal wouldn't be a particular race or technique. But it would be something that would take dedication, commitment, adaptability, and a concerted effort to work on the mind-body-spirit connection, as have the other races I've trained for.

The new goal is to have a healthy pregnancy, to keep running as long as its safe and comfortable, and to stay in good physical, mental, and spiritual health throughout. And then to get back to running as soon as I can afterwards!

I am due in August, and since I've recently gotten married and no longer have the last name Walker, I am officially retiring the WalkerRuns blog. BUT, I'm not leaving cyber-space for good-- you can now follow my adventures on

Thanks for all of you who have read my words and supported my efforts over the last few years. This blog was a great spot to share and to reflect.

Happy Trails,

Monday, June 29, 2009

WalkerRuns is Busted

I won't be running the marathon. Long story short-- tendonitis in my hamstring has gotten bad enough to prevent me from running much. PT is helping a little, but still pretty painful, and not worth risking further injury.

Call me if you want more details. I'll write more about it soon-- just kinda bummed out about it right now and trying to find other things to think about.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fresh Blood

I had a nice run last night (yay). I ran with my co-worker Lisa who's been learning to run (using the Couch-to-5k plan) and is doing her first 5k this weekend. It was a big run for her-- 30 minutes.

It was awesome to run with a non-marathoner for a change-- someone to help put things in perspective and remind me how far I've come in the last few years. I remember clearly when a 30 min run was a huge accomplishment. When a 5k was really pushing the limits of what I could do. It made me stop and appreciate what I've accomplished with my training this spring. To even think that I can attempt 20 miles this weekend is huge, and I need to take time to be proud of that, to live in the moment, not to just be thinking of it as another step towards the ultimate goal. Doing so takes a little of the pressure off.

Oh, and it was raining, which was really nice. There's something about running through the forest in a light spring rain that feels so cleansing and natural. A great way to wash away the stress and expectations that I've been hanging on myself.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Run Report

The difference between the mile and the marathon is the difference between burning your fingers with a match and being slowly roasted over hot coals
-Hal Higdon, famous marathon coach

This weekend was a step-down, just 8 miles. It was tough, though. I was just so tired. Tired from a 40 mile bike ride the day before. Tired of having my (fill in the blank with whatever body part you'd like) hurt. Tired of wondering if my body is actually going to hold up for this. Tired of not enjoying my run.

There I was on one of my favorite trails, on a beautiful Sunday morning, and I wasn't appreciating it at all, because I was running through there, not taking time to stop and enjoy the scenery, to smell the forest. So I just sat down on a log and cried. I just let it out, whatever pent up stress and worry was in there. Not a big sobby cry, just a little weep. But it felt good to just stop. To not have to run. To enjoy the smell of the trees. And then to get up and finish my run.

It felt good to have that little moment, and I felt stronger for the rest of my run. But apparently I didn't get it all out of my system. I got home and made myself and egg sandwich, and was barely able to keep my head up while eating it. I just wanted to crumple up and sleep forever. Jim was waiting for me to eat and change so we could go ride horses. I told him I needed 5 minutes to lay down. So I plopped my legs up the wall and took a few deep breaths... and started to cry again. It was just all too much. I needed rest badly. So he went on without me, and I stayed on the floor with an ice pack and watched Biggest Loser re-runs for an hour or so, and cried some more.

And then I was better. He came back and picked me up, and went for a great ride. And then I came home and had a relaxing evening at home, watched a light-hearted movie, ate lots of good food, and was in bed by 9.

It amazes me how emotional this training has been. I don't quite understand it.