Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More Race Results

This just in... http://www.summithealthcenter.com/pdf/events/triathlon/2008/triathlonsplits.pdf

Bummer that the equipment wasn't working well enough to get splits for the swim or for transition times.Guess I'll have to do another one!

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Robyn said...

I just went back into the email vault and found this note I sent to Ray after my second tri ever - which I raced 2 weeks after my first tri ever in 2006! The distances were 500m swim (pool), 16mi bike (rolling), 3.1 mi run(2 big hills). I thought you could appreciate it:

Swim 13:24
T1 1:05
Bike 1:05:16
T2 0:46
Run 35.40 (What! I haven't run 3 miles that slow in a LONG, LONG time)
Age Group 17 out of 18
Overall Women 137 out of 154

Well, if nothing else, I was happy to meet my goals (finishing under 2 hours, not crying and not throwing up) and feel like I have a good starting point to build on for next year:)