Friday, February 8, 2008

Week in Review

Monday-- 60 min step/interval class; 15 minutes abs; 15 min easy swim (mostly drills)

Tuesday-- 45 min swim (focus on endurance)

Wednesday-- 45 minute bike (inside; lots of simulated hills); 30 minute moderate-intensity run; 15 min abs

Thursday-- 30 min bike (inside; mostly steady with some sprints); 10 min easy run then running drills/plyometrics
(I also snowshoed around rolling topography for ~4 hours for work)

Friday-- strength training (Power Pump-- lunges, squats, upright rows, military presses, bicep curls, and abs)

Tomorrow I'll do a long run (70 min easy pace) and then Sunday will take a much-anticipated Rest Day!

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