Monday, February 4, 2008

A Girl Must Accessorize!

Health report: I'm feeling 100% better now, thank goodness. Had a great swim workout on Saturday morning, and then yesterday afternoon went for a long run. I had to laugh at myself, though, for the absurd amount of time it took me to get ready and the amount of things I thought were totally necessary. I'll share:

I'm usually a pretty no-nonsense, low-maintenance type of gal. On any given morning that I have to be at work at 7am, my routine goes something like this:
6:32—finally get out of bed, after hitting the snooze bar for the last hour; 6:33-6:40—bathroom time (pee, brush my teeth, run my fingers through my hair or pull it back in a ponytail); 6:40-6:44—rifle through the closet for something to wear, typically jeans and a sweater; 6:45-6:53—run downstairs to make a smoothie for breakfast and pack my lunch; 6:54—leave for work; 6:58—arrive at work, start a pot of coffee; 7:00—ready to rock & roll. Like a well-oiled machine. A low-maintenance, well-oiled machine.

It was a totally different story as I got ready to go for a run this afternoon. I was anything but organized and low-maintenance. I procrastinated the run throughout the morning, waiting for it to warm up a bit outside. By 2pm, the sun was shining, there was no wind, and I'd done as many chores as I could stand. It was time to get ready to run. So I began by searching around my closet for my running tights and just the right pair of socks. Then I had to run down to my car to get my shoes and gym bag. Back up to the apartment to decide upon tops. Tried on a t-shirt and fleece, then changed my mind and put on a long-sleeve poly and a fleece. Grabbed my wind-breaker. Put on my shoes. Grabbed some TP for my pocket. Dug through my bag for my heart-rate monitor and mp3 player. Got both of those hooked up and ready to go. Pulled my hair back into a ponytail, then put on my ear warmer band. Took my house key off my key ring and put it in my pocket. Searched for a matching pair of gloves. Strapped on my YakTrax. Finally walked out the door. Got to the parking lot and realized it was super sunny and bright. Went back up to my apartment to get my car keys so I could get my sunglasses. Took key back to apartment. Made it back to the parking lot, and FINALLY began running. Total worktime= 1 hour 45 minutes (getting ready= 35 minutes!)

Among nearly any list of the benefits of running, you’ll see some mention about how it can be done anywhere you go and requires nothing but a good pair of shoes.

Yeah, right. Maybe if you live in some tropical place, where on any given February day you can pull on a pair of shorts, a sports bra, shoes and socks, and hit the road running.

I guess I’m just too picky. I could run without all those extra things. But I really like the way my legs feel when running in tights. And it’s nice to have music to listen to. Well, and the heart rate monitor is a fun new training tool. Sunglasses help keep the facial muscles loose. And Yak Trax make a huge difference on icy substrates. They’re all necessities, I think.

So yeah, just like some ladies think it’s an absurd suggestion to leave the house without doing their hair and makeup and properly accessorizing their outfit with coordinating jewelry, shoes, and purses, I guess I’m a high-maintenance running girl who “must have” all my things just right. Silly me.

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