Friday, February 1, 2008

This Week's (lack of a) Workout Plan

Here's what I've been up to this week:

Monday-- stayed home from work with fever/chills/all-body aches and bad bowel problems; exercise included walking up and down the stairs in my apartment as I alternated between the recliner (downstairs) and the bed (upstairs)

Tuesday-- went to work for 1 hour; had to use the bathroom 4 times in that hour, so concluded I wasn't well enough to be there; went to the store for gingerale and graham crackers; went home (see Monday's exercise regime)

Wednesday-- was about to leave for work when the bowels errupted again; stayed home for the morning, then went in once everything settled down

Thursday-- made it thru a full workday, though kept having to leave my meeting to run to the restroom after eating a bowl of soup (apparently I wasn't ready to transition from the graham cracker diet yet)

Friday-- attempting to work a full day; ate some more graham crackers for breakfast and have some more soup for lunch-- cross my fingers for better results than yesterday; planned exercise: if I feel up to it, I might walk over to Starbucks to get some tea on my lunch break

Saturday & Sunday-- staying in Kalispell so I don't go home and infect Jim with whatever I've got; plan to rest lots, hopefully get my bowels in order enough to be able to eat some food and get some strength back; take some walks, do some yoga as energy returns

It's been a pretty pathetic week. But I guess I should embrace the chance to rest and recover. Hopefully I'll be able to start easing back in to my normal routine soon!

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