Thursday, January 24, 2008

This Week's Workout Plan

A little bit retrospective at this point... After a 10 mile fast ski through a blizzard on Sunday, the goals for the rest of this week have been to keep moving and keep the muscles and joints loose, but give them a bit of a break to recover and store up some energy for this weekend's cross-country ski race. So here's what I've been up to:

Monday: went on an impromptu x-c ski with a friend up in Seeley Lake-- ungroomed trails, 0 degree temps, sunny and stunningly gorgeous day (I didn't bring my camera, unfortunately, so I can't share the awesome views of the mountains that we got to see); then when I got back to Kalispell I went to the gym and swam ~900 yd

Tuesday: swam for about 30 minutes

Wednesday: Triathlon Class-- we biked for 40 minutes, ran for 25, and then did core work for 10

Thursday: Triathlon Class-- tonight we're supposed to bike and run again; my legs are still somewhat sore from workouts earlier in the week, and I'm definitely not feeling rested. So I'm going to take it super easy tonight (probably walk instead of run).

Friday: REST DAY. As tempting as it will be to go to my favorite Friday morning Power Pump class, I don't need to be doing any weight lifting the day before a race! So I think I'll take myself out to breakfast instead :) It will be my birthday, afterall!

Saturday: The OSCR-- 20k, here we come. I'll put together a race re-cap for all of you next week.

Sunday: Yoga. and perhaps a short easy run or walk to work out some stiff muscles.

(Note to those of you who have been tuning in for Friday's Weigh-In's: Because of this week's impending race, I have not been dieting quite as much as in the past few weeks, trying to make sure I'm well-fueled and ready to rock. So I'm not expecting any losses this week. But we won't know, because I'm not even going to weigh in. As stated above, because it's a rest day, I won't be going to the gym on Friday morning to do my weigh-in. So you'll just have to wait til next week!)

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