Thursday, January 17, 2008

Call Off the Whaa-mbulance

Well, folks, I think maybe I cried wolf too soon yesterday. After posting and icing all morning, I went out for a walk during my lunch break, and my knee felt fine. In fact, the weird sensations I'd had there had moved down into my calf, which was just sore. Hmm, that's weird, I thought. I had decided earlier in the day to at least stop by the gym and tell my Triathlon Class instructor **more on this later** that I wouldn't be working out today. But by the time I got to the gym, I had no pains whatsoever, no swelling, etc. So I decided to try the bike for just a few minutes and reassess. No problems. So I continued on with the remaining 30 minutes, then even ran 2 miles, all with no problems.

Was I pushing my luck? Probably. Was it worth it this time? Yup. I had a good workout, and realized that sometimes pain may be displaced or otherwise weird. My calf is still a little sore today, but the knee and everything else feel just fine.

Just as I was so proudly touting that the more you get to know your body the more you can understand what it's trying to tell you... Yeah, maybe not always.

But this does seem like the week for injuries... Robyn whacked her knee a good one (nice visual image.. see comment on yesterday's post!), another friend is having neck/spine issues and starting to see a chiropractor, Jordan is having some weird wrist issues associated with massive amounts of pull-ups, etc.
Injury from over-use or mis-steps is the biggest downside to training for athletic events. There are so many benefits-- health, happiness, etc-- that outweigh the possible costs. But still, it's somethign to keep in mind and to be careful of. Train wisely.
Somehow the stars are aligned for some funky mis-haps this week, so watch your steps! But still have fun.

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