Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wacky Weather

Yesterday's high was 100. Ugh. Too hot for nearly anything (except swimming!)

Today I had planned to do a 50 min run with cruise intervals, then an hour-long bike ride tomorrow. When temps are so high, I have to run in the early morning. I hate doing any speed work in the mornings. So I really wasn't looking forward to this morning.

But then last night I watched the news and saw the weather forecast. Tomorrow's high is supposed to be a mere 74. And 67 the next day!

So I decided to flip-flop my workouts. I'll do my bike at lunch time today, and do my run tomorrow at noon when it's much cooler (I have evening meetings both tonight and tomorrow, so I'm taking 2-hour lunch breaks to work out).

Now that's what I call adaptive management:)

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