Saturday, August 2, 2008

Week In Review

Exercise= none :( (unless you count those bicep curls i did to get the beer from the table to my face)
Food= okay, save for the several pints of beer
Sleep= ~6 hours

Exercise= none. again.
Food= terrible... 2 bagels, pasta salad, hamburger, etc... way huge on the calories today, especially carbs
Sleep= ~5 hours

Exercise= 25 min swim in the pool
Food= okay, within the calories for the day
Sleep= ~5 hours

Exercise= biked ~30 min to the lake, swam ~20 min (had lots of goggle issues, so was actually in the water longer), then biked another ~30 min
Food= pretty good, not a big deficit but definitely not going over
Sleep= ~7 hours

Exercise= 1 hr Power Pump cardio/weight class in morning (am sore! today, especially in pecs and hams); 25 min run (10 min tempo pace) in evening
Food= good, lots of veggies, within calorie range i was shooting for
Sleep= 2 hr nap in afternoon then 9 hrs at night!!!

Exercise= Brick workout-- 6 mile bike, 1.5 mile run, 6 mile bike, 2 mile run
Food= great so far... though I'm getting hungry so best go home and eat something healthy very soon before I get super hungry and head for something not-so-good
Sleep= don't know yet...

So, after a rough start to the week, the rest of the week has been getting much better in terms of overall health (food, exercise, sleep, stress levels). Funny how when it rains, it pours. The busier and more stressed I am, the less sleep I get, the crappier I eat, the less I workout...

The next several weeks will be tough, with lots of travel and transitions. I'll be relying on my blog-readers to keep me accountable and keep me honest.

But for tomorrow, I'll definitely get some calorie burn in on this hike. Yippee! Big mountains. Hard hiking. 3 girls on a mission. I'll get pictures up asap.

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