Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Okay, I'd like to make a slight ammendment to yesterday's profession of love for morning workouts:
I love running in the morning. As long as it's a nice, slow, easy-pace run. Speedwork in the morning? Sucks. Bad.

This morning I got up at 5:15. The sun wasn't quite peeking over the mountains, but it was providing a good backlighting for the peaks of Glacier Park that I can see from my bedroom window. The birds were singing, the air was cool but not cold. Fresh. Aaah.

I strapped on my shoes, started my watch, and took off at a slow jog. The plan was to warm-up for 12-15 minutes or so, then do a fartlek session for 20 minutes, then finish up with a 10 min cool-down (non-runners, see description of a fartlek here).

The warm-up went well. I realized once I started running that perhaps it was a little chillier than I'd thought. I should've gone for the pants instead of shorts. And some light gloves would've been nice. Oh well. It was a bit chilly, and even though my core warmed up and I was starting to sweat, my legs never really felt like they got warm.

So I decided to extend my warm-up a little longer... then a little longer.... then some more.

Okay, so I "warmed up" for 25 minutes. That's when the mind versus matter debate really set in:

Brain: I said I was going to do fartleks, so I'd better do some. Run fast to that green mailbox down there.
Legs: nuh uh.
Brain: Yeah, come on.
Legs: nope. we're cold. not gonna do it.
Brain: Oh come on, pleeeease. Just one little speed burst. Then you can have a break.
Legs: nah... we're already on break.
Brain: Fine, we'll run slow for a few more minutes, then go fast.
Legs: okay, sure, whatever.

(a quarter mile later...)

Brain: Okay, you deadbeats. Get to movin'.
Legs: nope. still don't wanna.
Brain: Jeez, you guys. It's only a mile back to home. Can't you eek out a few little speed bursts in there?
Legs: what, so we can get home 60 seconds faster? nah, we'd rather go slower and have it take a little longer. hurts less that way.
Brain: Okay, I'm getting sick of you whiners. Let's go. Come on, hustle.
Legs: (grumble, grumble)
Brain: Pick it up, a little faster... come on, stay with it...
Legs: arghh!... ragga-schmagga.... this (bleep) sucks
Brain: Okay, you can slow down now.
Legs: thanks. that wan't fun.
Brain: Suck it up. You gotta do it again when we get to the end of this street.
Legs: slave driver.

(a minute or so later)

Brain: Time to go, guys. Get a move on.
Legs: yeah, yeah, we're going.
Brain: See, this isn't so bad, is it?
Legs: yeah, sure... you're not the one working here.
Brain: You think this isn't work getting you guys up and moving first thing in the morning? I daresay it's much tougher on me than on you. Then you get to just hang out all day at the office while I have to keep working. So no, I don't have much sympathy. Just shut up and run.
Legs: hmm.. Brain has a point there. still...
Brain: Now would you look at that? We're almost back home. Let's do one more little burst, then we'll go stretch it out with a short yoga dvd. Come on, now-- hup to!
Legs: golly, this going fast stuff isn't all that bad now. but, you know, if Brain says it's time to quit, we won't argue!

And thus went my morning. It seems that Legs and Brain are usually a little more in-sync later in the day. So maybe I'll try leaving speed sessions for afternoons, and just stick with slow runs in the a.m. for now. I can't handle all that bickering so early in the day!

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