Friday, March 28, 2008

Week In Review

Mon: 55 min running (intervals); 30 min easy/fast cycling
Tues: 40 min swim, working on full pull before recovery; 60 min weight training
Wed: some snowmobiling and light hiking for work; no cardio
Thurs: 50 min run, including 25 min tempo run (joined for the last 7 min by my Tri Instructor, Ted-- nice to have some company, though I couldn't talk to him for more than a few words at a time)
Fri: 60 min Power Pump weight training class; walked 3 miles with 45 lb (the Pack Test for firefighter quals) in 42:39

Tomorrow: will do an easy pace longer run
Sunday: 30 min bike, 10 min run

Next week: more swimming, less biking and running as I let my legs charge up for next weekend's race

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