Friday, March 7, 2008

Fitting it all in

Hi folks. Sorry about the lack of posts this week. What with all of the long work days, the socializing (read: beer drinking), and cramming workouts in at odd hours, I haven't had any time for posting. But at least I've been getting the workouts in. Which is good, because I've been waaay to lax on everything else (read: am seriously going to diet for a few weeks once I'm back to my normal schedule to see if I can't quickly shed off a few of the pounds I know I've put back on in the past few weeks).

So this is nearly the end of my second full week of being in Missoula for work. Usually I'm just here for the weekends, and up in Kalispell for the week. So the dichotomy of living in two different towns has led to a dichotomy in my overall lifestyle. Especially the eating/drinking/socializing. During the week, I usually work, work out, eat a small-ish dinner by myself, and go to bed early. On the weekends I don't count calories as much, drink a few beers, stay up a little later, and basically reward myself for my week's efforts.

The system works fairly well. At least if I'm only here on the weekends. But I've been on a "weekend" for two weeks now, and it's starting to feel gross. I haven't necessarily been going overboard with eating and drinking-- but enough that I can tell a difference in my body. I don't feel as clean or as fit. I've been a little fuzzy-headed from too much beer. And while I've had some good times hanging out with friends and coworkers and Jim, I'm ready to return to my more hermit-like existence!

Unfortunately, I still have one more week of travel ahead of me: I'll be in Helena all next week for work, staying in a motel and having to eat out a lot. Ugh. I've decided to go to the grocery store this weekend and stock up on good things to eat for at least all but dinner. I've been making ziplocks full of my oatmeal-protein mix, and then can just add some water and pop in a microwave. So I'll make some more of those for breakfast. Then for snack/lunch I'll grab a bunch of apples, peanut butter, baby carrots, graham crackers, etc. That should get me through the day, and then I can find a sensible dinner in the evening. The upside is that my friend Allison will be there, too, and she's a great health-conscious buddy to be around. We made sure to book our rooms in a motel that had a pool and fitness room, so we plan to workout together at the motel before work in the mornings. Hopefully we can help keep each other on track for dinners, too.

Wish me luck for one more week. I probably won't write much, if at all. But I'll be trying to make you proud!

Here's what I did this week:
Monday: biked to Frenchtown Pond (10 min), ran 2 laps around the pond (25 min), biked home (10 min); ab work and
pushup pyramid

Tuesday: swam 1200 yd at 6:15 am
Wednesday: ran during my lunch break (35 min)
Thursday: swam during lunch break (900 yd); biked with Kev after work (1 hr)
Friday: was supposed to meet Jenny for a run/walk this am, but she bailed; decided to work (aka write my blog!) instead; will do a tempo run this afternoon (it should be sunny and beautiful out, so it'll give me something to look forward to all day!); I should also do some abs and arms!
Saturday or Sunday: I'll squeeze in either a long run or long bike and some yoga

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