Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This Week's Workout Plan

Monday: "Boot Camp"-- a high-intensity cardio/strength interval class that hits the legs and heart especially hard, then tacks on abs at the end (1hr 15 min); followed by an easy yoga class (1 hr)

Tuesday: Swim, focussing on technique (lots of drills, isolating the different components of the swimming movement), for a total of 700 yd; I'll polish it off with Rose's Pushup Pyramid (see below)

Wednesday: Run! I'll warm up with an easy 15-20 minute jog thru the neighborhood near my gym, then head inside to the track to do some speed intervals (6x400m at 2:07); followed by easy yoga

Thursday: Endurance swim (which, at this point in my swimming career, is pretty lame! I'll do a ladder: 50yd, then 100 yd, then 150 yd, then 100 yd, then 50 yd (with ~30 second recovery breaks in between, plus warm-ups and cool-downs, of course); total of 650 yd

Friday: Short easy run (20-25 min on treadmill), followed by Power Pump class (weight training... at 6am!)

Saturday: Long run (6 miles, in Frenchtown)

Sunday: Rest and recover!!!

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