Wednesday, December 26, 2007

This Week's Workout Plan

Ha! It's now mid-week and the first time I've thought about my workout plan for the week. Ah, the holidays.

Since I last wrote, I did a 6-or-so-mile run on Saturday. Then that's it. Santy Clause blessed me with a Christmas cold (ugh!) that's had me feeling less-than-motivated to exercise the past few days. That plus all of the food and lounging that comes with the holidays. So I'm in a bit of an intertia crunch right now. But, maybe that's okay. All of the training plans say that rest days are an integral part of a workout regime. But I've also heard several folks lobby for rest weeks, or at least easier weeks thrown in every 4-6 weeks, to give the body a break from all of the tough training.

So I'm considering this a rest week-- letting my body fully recover from the tough workouts I've been putting it through, plus taking time to let myself get over this cold before pushing hard again, so that the cold doesn't try to linger too long.

To that effect, here's the plan:

Monday-- I did nothing, save for some light housework and some hefty fork-lifting (to get food into my mouth, that is)

Tuesday-- I did actually ride my horse easily and practiced roping cows-- not an aerobic exercise, but at least it involved some physical activity, including some strength and balance skills

Wednesday-- Still have a pesky cough, so I think I'll shoot for a 20-minute walk during lunchtime, but then go home to have some soup and get to bed early

Thursday-- Unless I'm feeling worse, I'll try an easy swim or perhaps some time on the elliptical machine

Friday-- I'll do the PowerPump class, but probably go with a little lighter weight than normal

Saturday/Sunday-- hopefully by the weekend I'll be up to snuff again, and would love to get at least one if not two longer cross-country skis in. Anyone interested in joining me?

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