Monday, December 17, 2007

Snow Day

(Pictured: Jenny, Regina, me, and Amy)
Had a great day cross-country skiing yesterday with friends Craig, Amy, Jenny, Brian, and Regina. We went up to Lolo Pass, right on the Montana-Idaho border, and skied about 8 miles on groomed trails. It was a beautiful sunny day, relatively warm (once you got skiing), and it was nice to be able to have both group and one-on-one conversations with everyone! It was also great to reconvene at the lodge for snacks and hot chocolate by the fire at the end of the ski.

I couldn't help thinking that going skiing with the group was such a better way to hang out with friends and to spend time together than it is to go to a restaurant or bar. Not only does exercising together tend to have more positive health benefits, but it also helps you to build experiences together, to share memories. So thanks, everyone, for going along. Let's do it again!
PS- Amy and I practiced a little speed towards the end. We're definitely not very talented in the art of skiing, but have committed to skiing the 1/2 OSCR-- a 25K (~16 mi) ski race in late January. Going faster definitely takes more effort (duh!), but there's probably some skill involved that we just don't know about yet :) We'll be able to do a handful of more training skis between now and then, but are basically going to have to rely on our other fitness training to assure us we're in good enough shape to grind out the miles. It'll take us a while, but we'll do it!

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Dave said...

Carly-These photos really make me want to move somewhere with a real winter!! What a great way to spend the day-friends, exercise, scenery-love it! Enjoying reading your blog and insightful messages you bring!

Hugs, Rachel (Schryer) Dirito