Thursday, April 17, 2008

The In's and Out's

Yesterday’s output (calories in parentheses):
45 workout in which I alternated running on the treadmill for 5 min at an easy pace, then running up and down stairs for 2 min (314)
50 minute swim workout (344)
Total output from exercise= 678
Estimated burn for the day= 2360 calories

Yesterday’s intake (calories in parentheses):
Breakfast: 1 cup cooked brown rice (172) with 1 scoop protein powder (158) and ½ banana (54)
Snack: apple (81) with 1 Tbs peanut butter (98)
Lunch: mixed greens salad with ½ tsp olive oil and 1 oz gorgonzola cheese (100) and 1 can Progresso Light vegetable soup (120)
Snack: 1 cup dry cereal (140)
Total for the day so far: 923 calories

Planned dinner:
1 cup brown rice (172) with 1 cup red beans (218) and 3 oz turkey kielbasa (167) with cajun seasoning; 1/2 dark chocolate bar (150)
Total dinner & dessert= 707 calories

Actual dinner:
10 buffalo-style chicken wings (510) and 1 pint Sam Adams (227) at Famous Dave’s with two of my co-workers (we’re working on a big project that’s due Monday-- they were still here at 8pm when I got done with my workout… so I stopped and made them walk next door for a beer and snack)
Total dinner= 737 calories

Total intake for the day= 1660 calories

Between my actual dinner and my planned dinner, there wasn’t much of a difference in total calories consumed. And I still came in well under my output for the day, which was the goal. The only problem? The calories in the actual dinner were full of alcohol and fat. Not exactly filling. So although I was satisfied and went to bed feeling fine last night, today I’ve been verrrry hungry as a result of my poor nutrition last night. Hence, I want to eat more, more, more! today, because I didn’t eat well last night. Lesson: Not all calories are created equal!

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