Friday, July 11, 2008

Still Here...

My, where has the time gone? I can't believe it's been over a week since I've posted anything on the blog.

This week has been super busy with work, considering new opportunities (more on this soon), and doing some good socializing while in Missoula for the week. A few highlights:

* Riding my bike to or from work a few days this week (a 17 mile one-way trip through the countryside!)
* Swimming laps in Missoula's new 50m pool with Jenny
* Enjoying the taper before this weekend's race
* Watching Mt. Sentinel burn while enjoying a margarita and delicious veggie salad with sashimi tuna at the Iron Horse on Wednesday evening
* Getting a goodnight kiss from Jim every night for the last week
* Feeling The Gut begin to recede a little bit more every few days :)

The next few days will be devoted to hydrating, eating some good carbs, and taking it easy before the 13.1 miler on Sunday. Amy and I are both a little nervous about how we'll be able to perform-- she's had some dental issues in the last few weeks and is on antibiotics and other meds to get the swelling and infection out before her root canal next week. Ugh. And I've been getting sharp, stabbing pains in my right lower ribs area every time I've run lately. Not really sure what that's all about; hope it decides to subside a bit for the run on Sunday. So we'll just have to try our best to do the run despite our freakishly failing bodies. We know that we've put in some good training and that under ideal circumstances could run a good race. So all we can do is hope and pray for good health, but accept whatever conditions may come on race day.

Goals for the race:

* ME: get a second 1/2 M under my belt, and further build my confidence in my distance-running abilities
* AMY: complete her first real 1/2 M (she did the Snow Joke a few years ago with two other gals, but they walked much more of it than they ran, so she's hoping to truly run a 1/2)
* BOTH: Have fun; Appreciate the fact that Missoula now has its own Marathon/Half-Marathon event; Run as well as we can given our physical conditions on Sunday; Thank the volunteers and spectators who'll cheer us on; Cheer on our friend Regina who'll be running her first full Marathon!!!

Cross your fingers for us... and if you're in Missoula, come out and cheer everyone on. The finish line is at Caras Park, along the river in downtown. We hope to be there around 8:15-8:30 a.m. (after a 6am start!)
(Photos of fire on Mt. Sentinel behind the UM clock tower on Wed night; and of the burned area on Thursday morning... both gotten from; check the archived stories for more articles and cool photos!)

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Robyn said...

I'll be thinking about you two. Call me when you're done!