Sunday, July 13, 2008

Race Report... the Appetizer

Okay, sports fans, another race report is due. I'm excited to write it, but at this point it's 2pm, I've been up since 3:45am (after getting a whopping 4 hours or so of sleep last night). I've been out in the sun since the sun came up. Oh, and I ran a half-marathon. So right at the moment I'm ready for some food and a nap. There's a pizza and a movie waiting for me in the living room.

But I know some of you are DYING to know how it went, so here's a little teaser....

We finished.

Okay, okay, a few more tidbits. We finished super strong, and neither had too many pains or problems, save for a few minor incidents. Here's the mile-by-mile breakdown of time splits and my average heartrate (and rough % max):

Mile 1: 9:45***, 158 (76%)
Mile 2: 11:37**, 160 (77%)
Mile 3: 11:28, 153 (74%)
Mile 4: 11:20, 160 (77%)
Mile 5: 11:07, 160 (77%)
Mile 6: 11:06, 163 (78%)
Mile 7 & 8: 21:17***, 165 (79%)
Mile 9: 10:54, 171 (82%)
Mile 10: 10:41, 171 (82%)
Mile 11: 11:16, 169 (81%)
Mile 12: 10:40, 172 (83%)
Mile 13 (plus .1): 10:08, 174 (84)
* all agreed the first mile was marked incorrectly
** second mile marker made up ground for mile 1
*** didn't see the mile marker

Total time: 2:25.18
Total time spent running: that minus a 4 minute bathroom break and walk breaks through each aid station
Pride level: high
Number of people we picked off as we increased our speed in the second half: lots
Certainty that we can go faster next time: very high

I hope that gets everyone their fix for now. I promise to write more after food, a nap, and some chores (laundry, dishes... yay).

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