Thursday, January 1, 2009


New Year's Resolution #26: Take a break from blogging for a while.

For the past few months the blog has seemed like yet another chore on my overly-busy to-do list. What with everything else I have going on these days, I just haven't been finding the time or energy to write much.

The blog was a great tool to use to keep me on track and keep me connected to friends when I was in Kalispell, where I didn't have much of a life going on besides work and working out. But these days, I'm finding plenty of other social fulfillment. Instead of having to write about my workouts with my friends, I just go and meet them for a Pilates class and a soak in the hot tub after my spinning class. Or I go for an after-work cross-country ski with them. Or whatnot.

Plus, I'm finding it hard enough to find time to get my runs in, much less write about them! So I think it's time to lift the BlogBurden off my shoulders for a bit and focus on other things that are important.

If you're really missing the blog, you can read back through the archives-- there are 152 posts from the past year or so... that should keep you busy for a while! Or you can look for me on Facebook. Or email me. Or call. Or stop by and go for a run.

Thanks for reading, and I'll return soon...

Archived stuff:
For the last decade or so I worked as a field biologist, at times doing some pretty intensive hiking, backpacking, etc, but at other times spending several months relatively sedative. At all times I ate pretty much the same way--mostly decently healthy foods (or so I thought), but lots of them! Within a given year, it wasn't unusual for my weight to fluctuate 10-15 lbs.
Over the last year or so I've determined to make my own health and fitness a high priority, above jobs and potlucks and whatever else. I've learned to run, learned more about good nutrition, have lost nearly 15 lbs (and kept it off for 6 months!), and am feeling much stronger and more confident in my athletic abilities.
It's taken deciding to dedicate myself to myself. Sounds selfish, I know. Which is why I started this blog. I know I’m not the only one who’s had lifelong struggles with fitness, self image, weight control, etc. Hopefully others can learn tips, empathize, and perhaps be inspired by my experiences. Join me as I work towards some personal health-related goals and train to complete several local endurance-sport events in throughout the year.

Aug 1: 135.8
July 25: 135.4
July 18: 136.2
July 15: 138.6
July 3: 140.0
June 27: 138.4
June 20: 139.4
June 4: 139.8
May 23: Weight= 139.6
May 9: Weight= 141.4
Apr 18: Weight=140.6
Apr 11: Weight=141.1
Mar 28: Weight= 140.0
Mar 21: Weight= 139.8
Feb 14: Weight= 139.4
Feb 7: Weight= 137.4
Feb 2: Weight= 138.6
Jan 18: Weight= 139.2
Jan 11: Weight=139.6
Jan 4: Weight= 141.4
Dec 28: Weight=144.6
Dec 21: Weight=144.2
Dec 14: Weight=141.0
Dec 7: Weight=142.6

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