Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Started off my morning with my favorite yoga class. The class is similar to Bikram yoga, though the room isn't as hot (more like a comfy 80 F than a sweltering 105 F). And it's a bit less rigid. But in essence, the class starts with a breathing exercise that gets your body generating heat and gives you an opportunity to really start focussing on the breath. Then there's a series of postures that are held for up to a minute each, done in the same order each time. Some days we'll repeat a posture twice, some days just once. The first half of the class is standing postures, then the second half is lying or seated postures. All of the postures have multiple health benefits.

I love starting off my day with yoga. It helps me set an intention for the day (today it was to work on my posture-- drop my shoulders/lift my chest-- rather than slouching which makes me feel more lethargic and decreases the amount of oxygen I take in, especially while running). And it's a great way to get mentally focused first thing in the morning.

But perhaps it ws too much of a good thing.... After the final relaxation pose (savasana, or "corpse pose," in which you lie on your back, close your eyes, slow your breathing, and release any thoughts), I headed to the shower and proceeded to wash my hair with conditioner. Oops. ;)

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